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5 Practical College Success Tips

There’s a lot of information about college transition and success. Yet, most are not practical and don’t come from those involved in college. So, what are some of the simple and overlooked college success tips?

I warn you that none of these college success tips are complicated. Yet, as I’ve stated before, ‘simple doesn’t mean easy.’ Most are going to take intentionality and consistency. If you student wants to do well in college, these tips are essential to making success happen. 

There is really no other way to say it. You cannot be successful in anything without being consistently intentional at using the right set of skills. Day in and day out, holidays, breaks, weekends, every day is a day to use these skills. And they are practical, not some super complicated, outlandish stuff. These are simple things we tend to know about but may not have done intentionally. We may also not do them as consistently as we need. 

Here’s the ultimate pay off. Your student’s grades are better semester after semester, and they graduate. Period. 

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