Empowering College Success for Students with Hidden Disabilities | After the IEP Podcast

After The IEP: College Transition and Success Tips for Parents of College-bound Students with Hidden Disabilities

Welcome to After The IEP podcast. The podcast all for parents of students with hidden disabilities headed to college. What would it mean for you if your child with a hidden disability were successful in college?

Imagine they had less stress, the right skills, and the right accommodations. How much more successful would their college experience be?

How would you feel if knew you did all you could to prepare them for making the transition to college? 

Take Action Now for College Success with Hidden Disabilities. Listen to After The IEP podcast.

Imagine the impact of your child’s success in college with the right accommodations and skills. Don’t miss out on valuable advice and insights on college accessibility, self-advocacy, and success for your student.

Tune into Accessing College’s podcast, After the IEP! Gain exclusive insights into crucial considerations for college search, nurturing personal and academic skills, empowering self-advocacy techniques, and prioritizing personal wellness.

And that’s merely scratching the surface! Rest assured, After the IEP doesn’t overlook the significance of parental involvement. It equips you with the necessary information and skills to support your student throughout their journey. Moreover, this transformative life stage impacts not only your child but also you.

Get the information you need for the success you want!

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So Informative. “I needed this podcast years ago! I’m so glad I stumbled upon it. ” Dr. Dee E.

“Great Podcast! This is just the podcast parents need to start listening to before their child transitions to college.” Dyslexic Upgrade

“I have been listening to your podcast! They have been helpful…I also found it helpful that you suggested what to look for when considering colleges with a child with learning differences, and the process to get accommodations. I plan on going back and listening to them again.” K (Parent)

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