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Accessing College offers a range of programs and courses designed to support your journey and enhance your advocacy skills for a successful transition to college. Gain valuable insights and knowledge through their diverse webinar offerings, which cover key areas essential to your college experience.

Accessing College’s courses provide the right information in the right way, whether you’re starting your college transition, improving self-advocacy, or building essential skills for college success.

These courses are built on three foundational essentials: understanding college transition and disability laws, developing self-advocacy skills, and acquiring student success skills.

Accessing College’s programs and courses are invaluable resources for parents seeking guidance, students looking to enhance their time management skills, or advocates interested in learning more about disability laws.

Equipped with webinars covering essential topics such as college transition, time management, and advocacy, you’ll navigate the college landscape successfully. By taking advantage of these educational opportunities, you will elevate your advocacy game and enhance your college transition experience.

Accessing College’s commitment to empowering students with disabilities shines through their comprehensive webinar offerings, establishing them as an excellent resource for anyone embarking on their higher education journey.

What participants have said.

This was very valuable information that I was totally unaware of prior to this workshop.  Thank you. PH Private Tutor/Therapist

I have a 10th grader, so this was very helpful information! CM Parent

This was fantastic! NM Parent

Very interesting and eye-opening. Thank you! DS Reading Specialist