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College Success: Revealing the Top 3 Areas You Need to Know

March is College Prep month and I’m kicking it off with an episode to help guide you and your student to college success. If you could only pick three things that would make every student with a hidden disability successful in college, what three things would you pick? If you’ve listened to the podcast for a while, you have a good shot at picking these 3. 

These are simple, actionable steps. In this episode, you know what the three areas are, how they relate to college success, and what to do now to help your student prepare. Whether your student is still in high school or in college, this episode equips you with the tools needed to prepare for college and beyond.

Resources for College Success.

The areas I review are simple to implement. However, simple may not mean easy. No worries, I have a lot of help for you.

Self-Advocacy for Higher Education Book

Soft Skills Planner

Advocacy Transition Program AKA Self-Advocacy for Higher Edication Course

Time Management Essentials for College Students

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The Best Mental Health Wellness Plan For College Students

How To Cultivate A Mental Health First Mindset.

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