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College Transition Bootcamp: How to Help Your Child Transition to Higher Education in Five Easy Steps

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Course Description

I designed this webinar for you, the parent of a child with a hidden disability.

If your child has a learning disability, ADHD, or mental health issue, you need all the information you can to help them be at their best, especially for the first semester.

The first semester is crucial, and a lot is happening all at once.

It’s hard enough having a hidden disability. On top of that, now there’s all the stress and pressure of going to college.

For. The. First. Time!

Developed from the perspective of disability services staff, let me guide you through a typical semester: the pitfalls, issues that arise, and how to manage them successfully.

It also addresses your needs as a parent. After all, it’s not just your child transitioning; it’s you too. 

What You’ll Learn:

  • Understanding of typical college transition issues
  • Know how the college transition affects those with hidden disabilities
  • Help your college-bound student plan better
  • Identify critical skill sets needed for success
  • How to transition yourself as a parent to a new role
  • Know what pitfalls to look out for, when, and what supports and resources can help