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How to Cultivate A Mental Health First Mindset.

Does your mental health come first? What would happen if it did? What would happen if everything revolved around what was best for your mental health?

Everything in college relates to a mental health first mindset. Here are a few examples. Anxious college students don’t study as well and don’t remember as much for tests. Stressed students are not as productive and sometimes will put off assignments making stress worse. Depressed students may miss classes which causes secondary anxiety and worry about the work that was missed. 

That’s just the start. Poll any number of people and sk them if mental health is important. They will tell you it is. Then ask them if they put their mental health first. Most, if not all, will say that they don’t. Students will say the same. Yet, good mental health is the foundation upon which everything else builds and thrives. 

So how do you cultivate a mental health first mindset? This episode is about cultivating a mental health first mindset. What does that mean? If mental health is fist, what are the benefits of this? How can we learn to put our mental health first and what happens when we don’t?

This is a great episode to help your student get prepared for college. Now, is a great time to do this. Guess what? You can do it to. Yep, in fact, I think your student will make the shift a lot easier knowing you’re doing it too.