College Transition Bootcamp: How to Help Your Child Transition to Higher Education in Five Easy Steps


A free webinar designed for you, the parent to help you help your child with a disability transition to college

A free webinar designed specifically for parents of college bound students with learning disabilities. Journey through a typical semester, common issues, and how to anticipate them so you can guide your college student towards the success they want. But, we don’t forget about you, the parent. Your needs are important too. After all, it’s not just your child transitioning it’s you too. If you have a healthy transition, your college student will too.

Start your college transition success right here!

Key Concepts Covered Include:

  • Explore how your role as a parent may change and how to handle it like a pro.
  • Learn what to expect of a typical semester and how best to discuss your expectations with your college-bound child.
  • How to promote healthy independence.
  • How parents can support their college student’s journey.
  • What resources are available and how each plays a key role in success.
  • Learn how to support your college student and yourself.

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