Self-Advocacy for Higher Education Webinar


Does your child have a learning disability and are they going to college? Do you want your child to succeed in college and have every opportunity to do well and achieve their goals?

I bet you do. So do I.

National statistics show 20% of all college students have a disability. Yet, less than 5% tell their school. That’s about 1/4th of all those with disabilities. One-third of students with disabilities graduate in eight years. In addition, 30% of all freshman students with or without disabilities do not return for their sophomore year.

Those numbers are shocking and alarming. With a disability, graduating from college becomes harder.

What makes a difference? The ability to self-advocate.

Accessing College can help. We focus on developing the skills and knowledge needed to advocate for the accommodations you need and deserve.

Our webinar, Self-Advocacy for Higher Education, helps you, the parent, teach your college-bound student with a learning disability to develop the awareness and knowledge needed to self-advocate and request accommodations in college.

Key Concepts Covered Include:

  • Learn the best method to coach your student to self-advocate.
  • Identify the reasons self-advocacy is so important in college for students with disabilities.
  • The consequences of poor self-advocacy skills.
  • Learn the seven steps needed to prepare to self-advocate and request accommodations in college.
  • Tips to make self-advocating easier and more effective.

Knowledge is POWER and your college-bound student will be more empowered to advocate for what they need, ask for it, and follow through with communicating their access needs with purpose, clarity, and confidence.

Get the whole training all at once with Self-Advocacy for Higher Education.

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