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Six College Transition Conversations to Have Now

Getting prepared for college is a huge task. There’s not just the practical stuff like bedding, snacks, food, mini fridge etc. There is also the adult topics to discuss. As a parent of a college student, these college transition conversations are critical to have. Why? No regrets. None at all. Even if something happens, which I pray it doesn’t, at least you know, as a parent, that you did what you could. It’s also a much better college transition for them and you. To get you and your student prepared, here’s a podcast that covers the essentials for the first semester: College Transition Tips: What are Important First Semester College Student Responsibilities.

Students with ADHD, learning disabilities, and mental health issues need these college transition conversations to happen. At best, you get them prepared to consider other aspects of college life that your student may not have. Here six topics you might consider. At worst, they find it annoying. Regardless, they will be more prepared as they consider these conversations. Some are for their safety, some for their character, and some to keep them at their best.

College Transition is about you too!

These conversations range from easy to difficult. So, take your time with them. Even if your student is not in the mood or gives you the line ‘I know!’ Remember that they are listening and need you to have these conversations. You need to have them too. It’s your job. You signed up for this! So, have them. Yes, there are more conversations you can add to the list. Use this just as a guide. Add to the list as you need and let me know what other conversations you would add.

I pray for everything healthy and good for you and your student on this new phase. It took some time to get here, and as a parent it doesn’t seem that long ago. So, reminisce, cry, laugh, worry, and even argue. Feel all the feels and give all the hugs. It all comes from a place of love. Don’t forget that.

From me to you, you got this.

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