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Time Management for College- Developing the Right Mindset

Developing the right mindset for time management for college is a critical change some students don’t make. It’s unfortunate because being more skilled at time management can mean the world for your grades. It also means having more social time, more fun, less stress, and being responsible. If students don’t develop the skills, then they have a harder time succeeding.

The major barriers are a student’s mindset, and the skills needed for time management in college. Why start with mindset? Think of it this way. If a student is not invested in managing their time or has certain beliefs about time management, that can hinder or even stop a student from developing the skills they need.

This episode is a module directly from my course Time Management Essentials for College Students. I teach you how to develop the right mindset around time management. I’ve seen some students just don’t know how to develop the skill, while others think managing their time is a hindrance. Both need the skill and can benefit from having an effective mindset around time.

This module can help correct some of the negative beliefs about time management and help rid barriers to thinking differently about this critical skill.

Time Management Impact

Here are some important statistics that get straight to the point:

75% of students experience “some” to “a great deal of stress” that affects their focus, learning, and negatively impacts their academics.

A student voice survey (Inside Higher Ed) found that the top 3 stressors for college students are exams, academic pressure, and time management.

Here’s the course that can help your student: Time Management Essentials Course For College Students

Listen to this special episode and get in the right mindset for time management for college.

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