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Your Guide from High School to College.

Guide your teen from high school to college with these 10 episodes. I have 10 of the most important podcast episodes all to help you and your student. It’s a list of the college transition essential information. For students with hidden disabilities, it can be a game changer. I can guarantee this information was not in your IEP or 504 plan or transition planning. So, let me help fill in the gaps. 

Episodes are not in any specific order, but they do pack a lot of essential information in one place. So, bookmark and download each episode. Take some time when you’re in your car, on the beach, or relaxing with your coffee in the morning (or afternoon, or mid-day, or late afternoon).

10 Episodes to Help You Prepare For College

  1. Ep. 6 How to Get Disability Accommodations for College Students
  2. Ep. 17 Get Ahead of the Game: 5 Essential Realities Every Freshman Should Know About College
  3. Ep. 28 Want to Supercharge Your College Transition? Summer Planning for College Disability Accommodations 
  4. Ep. 35 Top 4 Underused Strategies to Make your College Transition Better
  5. Ep. 52 An Important Truth. You Need to Let Them Fail.
  6. Ep. 61 College Transition Tips: What are Important First Semester Student Responsibilities
  7. Ep. 65 Seven Helpful Questions About College Services You Need to Ask
  8. Ep. 72 College Success: Revealing the Top 3 Areas You Need to Know
  9. Ep. 75 College Transition Tips: 3 Things to Do Now Before High School Graduation.
  10. Ep. 76 This is The Special Role Dads Have in College Transition.

All these episode links will be in my emails, so be sure to get on my email list so you can have all the links in one place. Preparing for college got a little easier with this guide from highs school to college.

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