Ethical Considerations for Improvement of College Transition Planning for Students with Learning Disabilities

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Gain Awareness and Take Action for Better College Outcomes

Are you an administrator, special educator, case manager, parent, advocate, or IEP coach? Are you concerned about the current state of IEP transition planning for students with learning disabilities? Do you want to make a positive impact on their college outcomes? Look no further!

At Accessing College, we understand the major issues and practical impact of current transition planning efforts on students with learning disabilities planning to attend college.

Our course, “Ethical Considerations for Improvement of College Transition Planning for Students with Learning Disabilities,” is specifically designed to empower special educators, teachers, and administrators with the knowledge and skills needed to bring about meaningful change.

Hi, I’m Dan Jordan, a therapist and former accessibility coordinator at an eastern university for over ten years. I’m also a dad of a college student with dyslexia, dysgraphia, and dyscalulia. I’ve witnessed first-hand, as a dad and professional, the discrepancies of traditional, cookie-cutter transition planning.

What You’ll Gain from this Course

Awareness: Learn about the major issues and consequences associated with current IEP transition planning efforts and the effect it has on the student.

Practical Solutions: Explore possible improvements and simple solutions that can have a big impact for IEP transition planning.

Ethical Questioning: Develop the ability to critically assess your current practices and identify areas for growth and change.

Insightful Discussions: Use the course to start conversations and build support for making needed changes.

Improved College Outcomes: Discover strategies that can positively impact college outcomes for students with learning disabilities.

What Others Have Said

“How can you turn this knowledge into common knowledge for high school advisors? It needs to be done! So crucial. Thanks again!” – B.C., Private Tutor

“Thank you for such a helpful and informative workshop! I feel much better prepared to advocate for students and to help parents advocate for their child now and in the future.” – B.F., Reading Specialist

“As an educator who has worked in various settings, I found this presentation very eye-opening yet easy to follow. As a parent of learning-disabled students, I wish I had known this information before my students went to school. Thank you!” – R.F., Teacher

Take the First Step Towards Change

Join us in our mission to improve college transition planning for students with learning disabilities. Enroll in our course today and gain the knowledge and tools necessary to make a difference. Upon completion, you will receive a certificate of completion for your professional development records.

Don’t wait any longer – together, we can create a better future for students with learning disabilities!

Note: This is for individual professional development only. Contact us for institutional licensing options.