College Transition Tips: How to Navigate College Finals Success with Your Student


Get ready for an insightful journey on our podcast, where we delve into supporting college students through the demanding period of finals. In this episode of “After the IEP,” we explore essential strategies for parents navigating this critical time alongside their student. Support their college finals success with these tips.

Understanding the Terrain:

Crafting the Wellness Plan:

Discover the significance of a comprehensive wellness plan and its role in helping students endure the pressures of finals while maintaining balance.

Stress Coping Mechanisms:

Stress is inevitable, but manageable. Learn about effective stress-relief techniques tailored to suit your student’s individual needs.

Supporting Your Student: College Finals Success

Commuter vs. Resident Challenges:

Understand the distinct challenges faced by commuter and resident students, and explore ways to support both effectively.

Leveraging School Resources:

Uncover the wealth of resources available within educational institutions and how they can aid in reducing academic pressure.

Adjusting Communication:

Prepare for reduced contact during finals while ensuring your support remains steadfast and understanding.

Practical Steps to Support College finals success.

Care Packages and Encouragement:

Discover the power of a well-thought-out care package and heartfelt encouragement during this stressful time.

Time Management and Academic Support:

Explore strategies for effective time management and identify when academic support like tutoring is beneficial.

Campus Activities and Breaks:

Learn about engaging in finals-related campus activities as a much-needed break from studying.

Ensuring Student Well-being:

Emphasizing Proper Sleep:

Understand the crucial role of sleep in cognitive function and learn how to encourage healthy sleep habits.


Join us on this episode of “After the IEP” as we equip you with invaluable strategies to support your college student through finals. By tuning in, you’ll gain practical insights and empowering tips to help your student thrive during this challenging yet pivotal time in their academic journey. Your student’s college finals success can be a make or break for a student. Equip them with the best strategies for their success.

Why Listen?

Whether you’re a seasoned parent navigating multiple finals or experiencing this for the first time, this episode provides a comprehensive guide tailored to your needs. Tune in to gain expert advice and supportive tips to ensure your student’s success during finals week!

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