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5 Proven Ways That Will Make College Easier With a Mental Health Issue

Attending college is no joke. It’s hard for anyone. How does a student deal with college and mental health issues? If the current statistics show anything, it that college is stressful and difficult.

How do students cope with navigating academic pressures while dealing with a mental health condition? I boiled it all down the top five ways. There are many more, but these are the five that will make the most difference and the biggest impact. 

First and foremost, we explore the crucial step of applying for accommodations. Colleges offer a range of support services, but understanding what you need and what’s available is key to success. We unravel the intricate web of supports, differentiating between what is required and what can be accessed.

Moving on, we discuss the importance of creating a wellness plan tailored to the unique needs of the student. This personalized approach can serve as a compass through the tumultuous college experience, helping students stay on track and manage their mental health effectively.

Additionally, we emphasize the cultivation of independence skills. College is a time for personal growth and self-reliance, and we’ll provide insights on fostering these skills to empower students to thrive in both their academic and mental health journeys.

Last but not least, we address the vital aspect of safety. Creating a safe and supportive environment is paramount for any student, particularly those grappling with mental health issues. We explore the steps students can take to ensure their well-being on campus.

This episode is jam-packed with valuable information, so be sure to have a pen and paper at the ready. Each of these five strategies is equipped with nuanced details that can guide you in helping your student achieve their best while independently managing their mental health.

As a bonus, we provide access to a College Services Planner, an invaluable resource to aid your journey, and offer a specialized course designed for mental health professionals and clients alike.

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Yeah, it’s a packed episode! So, grab a paper and pen and because each point has more information that can help you guide your student to being at their best and independently managing college and their mental health.  

Here’s the course and the free services planner I mentioned in the episode. 

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