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Got A Mental Health Issue? How To Choose The Best College

Selecting the best college can be an incredibly daunting task, one that becomes even more challenging when considering the array of services and supports available for your specific needs. Mental health conditions are one of the fastest growing concerns for college students. Yet, mental health conditions are often overlooked in discussions surrounding college choice. In this episode, I’ll shed light on five crucial factors that deserve your attention when looking for the best college for your student.

College and mental health do not exist separately. They are intricately woven together. I’ve taken all me years of experience and chose the five most important areas for you to address with your student with a mental health condition.

Each tip is packed with advice.

So, grab your pen and paper, and take notes. Stay tuned until the very end because each point we discuss is brimming with valuable suggestions that you’ll want to consider.

Choosing the right college just got a little easier. College choice and mental health can be powerful allies if you know what to look for.

5 Tips:

  1. College Support Systems: Discover what supports may be available and how to know what supports your students needs.
  2. School Location: The geographical location of a college can significantly impact a student’s mental health and access to services outside of the school. We’ll weigh the issues of staying close to home, in state schools, and going far away.
  3. Applying for Accommodations: This might be one of more crucial steps that most parents, college counselors, private college consultants, and students do not consider. Why? Most don’t know about it nor think that it applies to their situation.
  4. Severity of the Mental Health Condition: Understand how the severity of your student’s condition can influence their choice of college. We’ll discuss how to assess whether a particular institution can provide the necessary level of care and support.
  5. Insurance Matters: Insurance issues can be a barrier to your student’s mental health care especially when considering college’s outside of your network. I’ll guide you in what to consider and look for.

As a bonus, we’ve included links to the College Services Planner and a specialized course designed for mental health professionals and clients.

These resources will serve as valuable companions on your journey towards making the best college choice for your student.

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Course for Mental Health Professionals and Clients

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Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer. Nothing should be construed as legal advice. If you need legal advice consult a lawyer. Although I am a therapist, I’m not your therapist. Any accommodations mentioned may or may not fit for your specific disability needs. All the information contained is for educational and informational purposes only.