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Look Out! Beware Of Misleading College Disability Information on the Web

I see information on the web about college disability accommodations all the time. Some of it isn’t bad and some is just misleading. Some is plain wrong. ESA letter mills being the worst. Just don’t go there. 

What do you look out for? How can you spot what’s good and what is not? 

Do you know that some blog posts are written by people that have no experience in college accessibility? It’s just a list of things that they were told or found on the internet. Some have lists of accommodations that are rarely approved, but make it seem like it’s just as common as extended test time.

For example, I see lists of accommodations include extensions for assignments. This is exceptionally rare to get approved. You have a better chance of winning the lottery and getting hit by lightning on the same day. It’s that rare.

For an uninformed parent, this can lead to asking for the wrong accommodations. When these don’t get approved, it leads to frustration and more.

You don’t have to go through that. Not. AT. ALL.

You need the right college disability information to make an informed decision.

I’ll go over all that so you can get the best college disability information without wasting your time. 

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