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Does my kid need a new evaluation for college? The Evaluation Dilemma.

One of the most common concerns for parents of students with learning disabilities is deciding when to obtain a new evaluation. You may have had an IEP in high school for some time. It’s a worry not only because of the concern of getting the college disability accommodations they need, but the time and expense it takes for a new evaluation. Is one really needed? If so, under what circumstances? How does the college’s documentation requirements play a role and why they are important when deciding on a new evaluation?

This podcast episode is about to answer those questions. The real answer is ‘it depends.’ That leaves a lot of room for exploration and even confusion, but don’t let ‘it depends’ leave you more anxious. The podcast will help guide you to what answer is best for your circumstances. In this episode it will answer the questions:

Answers to These Questions

  • Wondering if your student needs a new psychoeducational evaluation for college?
  • Curious about how the definition of disability involves both historical and current factors?
  • Interested in learning why IEPs might lack crucial information for college accommodations?
  • Want to know the key factors influencing the need for a new evaluation, including age, complexity of accommodations, and college requirements?
  • Is The Rise Act worth the paper it’s printed on?
  • Curious about overcoming documentation gaps and why recent evaluations might be what you need?
  • Interested in finding out how to balance the age of the last evaluation, requested accommodations, and college documentation requirements in decision-making?
  • Wondering about various options for obtaining a new evaluation, from vocational rehabilitation to private evaluations and more?
  • Eager to understand the importance of proactive communication with college accessibility staff and exploring flexibility in documentation requirements?

I hope you find the guidance you need. Listen to the podcast below.

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