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Intuitive Eating Made Easy For ADHD with Nutritionist Rebecca King

Today on the podcast, Rebecca King is joining me to talk all things heathy eating and changing your relationship with food to be healthier for those with ADHD. She’s and ADHD’er too. Developing intuitive eating habits for ADHD is a critical aspect of a healthy relationship with food. Here’s what you’ll learn on this episode:

What are some of the big issues around food and eating for those with ADHD? What is intuitive eating? How does this apply to ADHD? How does it apply to college success?

It’s common for those with ADHD to have some issues with eating. Moreover, it’s not just a lack of hunger because of their medications. ADHD can affect eating habits, food choices, and how someone perceives food. Did you know that it’s common for ADHD’ers to misinterpret hunger cues too? This episode is packed with information and helpful advice to develop healthy intuitive eating habits for ADHD.

Get prepared for college with Rebecca’s practical and actionable tips to develop better intuitive eating habits for ADHD to fuel your brain and body so your student can be at their best. 

You can find out more about Rebecca here: 

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