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The Best Mental Health Wellness Plan for College Students

All the episodes this month are about mental wellness. You will hear me say it over and over again, ‘mental health is the foundation upon which everything else is built.” It’s true. Yet, we all fall off this wagon and it seems harder to do. Yet, most college students do not have a mental health wellness plan and they need one.

The consequences of not focusing on mental health and wellness are drastic and sometimes catastrophic. I’m not being overly dramatic either. On the more severe side, issues can lead to students leaving college and not coming back. That’s a fact. Statistics show that mental health is one of the major factors for students leaving college. Here’s another statistic. About 80% of students cite academic pressure and stress contributing to lower grades.

Truth is, developing a mental health wellness plan simple but simple doesn’t mean easy. So, how do we get our student to buy into it and incorporate wellness into their college transition? Here’s a secret. It’s not that hard to do and keep up with. I’ll show you how, what happens when students focus on this, and what happens when they don’t. 

It’s all about getting them prepared and focused on what’s best for them. So they can be at their best. Being at their best can only happen when they have a mental health wellness plan for college students.

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